To Our Shareholders

Yoshiyuki Murata President and Chief Executive Officer, Representative Director

We would like to express my gratitude for your continuous support.

First, I would like to express my deepest condolences to those who fell victim to the new coronavirus (“COVID-19”) and their bereaved families, and sincerely hope that those currently infected with COVID-19 or in difficult situations due to the pandemic will recover and overcome their predicament as soon as possible. I also pay deep respect to and thank health workers and all people who are making every effort to bring an end to the infectious disease.

Fiscal 2020 was the final year of the Taisei Group Medium-Term Business Plan (2018–2020). It is with regret that, due to COVID-19 and other factors, we ended this final year with our target unattained in terms of sales and income. We, however, propose the cash dividend of 65 yen per share after taking into consideration of all factors, including the future business environment.

In addition, at the board meeting on May 14, 2021, acquisition of the Company’s own share, up to 3,600 thousand shares (10 billion yen), was resolved in order to increase shareholder returns and to improve capital efficiency.

The Taisei Group recently formulated “Medium- to Long-Term Vision: TAISEI VISION 2030” based on the Group Philosophy, by taking into account our analysis of medium- to long-term external environmental and structural changes and the causes of our failure to achieve the previous Medium-Term Business Plan.

The new Medium-Term Business Plan (2021–2023) is established as a plan based on which the Group intends to carry out intensively over the next three years in order to realize TAISEI VISION 2030.

As the Taisei Group advances toward 2030, we aim to become “The Ever-Evolving CDE3(cubed)* Company- A pioneering corporate group contributing to the development of a resilient society where people can live affluent and cultural lives”.

I sincerely appreciate your continuous and invaluable cooperation and support.

June 2020
President and Chief Executive Officer
Yoshiro Aikawa

  • *Note: CDE3(cubed)* is composed of the initial letter of the followings:
    “Construction”; “Development”; “Engineering”; “Energy”; and“Environment”.